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 . farmyes 7b17bfd26b . 吐睡、盗撮、暴力残轻セ的恐怖シニスニ杰換工程的セネルットエ.蟆丞ゼゼゼ繝昴 繝昴シニスニ繝昴. . 逃犯、搶劫セ、搞怪セ硬窫、段落换セ. AMightyHeart1080pfullhdmoviewithsubtitlesdownload. ,,,,,繝昴. . . . A: After digging around, I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a weird quirk of the output from ps which is hard to parse. I believe that what you're seeing is the first part of the output. There's a section on the left called "commands" with a series of input/output pairs: "pids" -> "COMMAND" -> "OUTPUT" Then there's a section on the right with the actual output: "children" -> "COMMAND" -> "OUTPUT" If you look closely, you can see that the first pair is identical: "pids" -> "COMMAND" -> "pids" This pattern repeats over and over, with a different PID each time. The only real solution I found is to use something that can read the output directly. Something like this, from bash: ps -eo comm,pcpu | grep -v grep | awk 'NR==1 {printf("%d ", $1);} {printf("%d %d %d ", $1, $3, $2)}' | tr'' ' ' | sort -n With something like that, you can verify the output of

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